Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stages of Creating an Art Card

So for the next few weeks I'm offering custom art cards for a really cheap price. You can choose to have the card drawn in pencil, or inked, or colored with copic markers. Here are three photos of a card I recently finished of Peg Bundy from Married with Children. I've posted a photo of the penciled, inked, and colored versions of the card. Follow the link at the bottom of the post to order your own custom art card!

B&W or Color cards (multiples up to 3)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Art Card Sale!

Until January 6th, you can order an ACEO card at a fraction of the regular commission rate!

Your custom ACEO card can be illustrated with a portrait (shoulder up like the Will Wheaton or Al Bundy cards pictured here) of any person or character of your choosing, or of a particular object (like a lightsaber), or contact me if you have a different idea in mind! Your card can be either inked or penciled (black and white), or colored (copic marker). There is a limit of three cards per person. Shipping within North America is included in the price!
Just follow the Paypal link and choose a black and white or color art card and how many you want (1, 2, or 3)! One b&w card is only $5, and one color card is only $6! Then write in the comment field what you would like illustrated on the card!

B&W or Color cards (multiples up to 3)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Free Portrait? Why not?!

If anyone is interested in me illustrating a portrait of themselves or someone you know, then let me know. I will illustrate your mugshot for free and send you a digital copy of the file, but the catch is that you cannot sell it or use it for any monetary purposes. However, you can absolutely use it as a profile photo, print it off and hang it on your wall, or use it as a Halloween mask if you so desire.

Why am I doing this? Because I enjoy illustrating portraits and you can never have enough reference material. I would also use the illustration for advertising purposes, perhaps post the original for sale, and maybe even use your mug for reference material when drawing comics.

So again, if you liked my Takei and other portraits, then shoot me an e-mail and I will draw your mug for free

George Takei Portrait: It's OK to be Takei!

I recently drew a portrait of George Takei that I used for my submission to his logo contest: It's OK to be Takei. This inked portrait was scanned and manipulated in Adobe Illustrator to add text and a curved rainbow, which I was rushed to finish. In hindsight the rainbow could be much smoother and I forgot to include two colors. Oh well, I still like the concept and am happy with the portrait.
George Takei portrait.
Takei logo after Adobe Illustrator elements were added.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Custom made ACEO art cards

Custom made ACEO art cards (2.5x3.5")

You decide on what you want to be illustrated on an art card! Purchase a card through this link (only) and you will receive one (1) penciled or black and white inked (with greys if you like) illustration -NOT colored. Subject matter can be anything you like such as a character from your favourite movie or comic book; however, exotic and 'sexy' art is fine but don't ask for porn please!

Each card costs $10 and a lower rate can be offered if you wish to purchase more than 2 cards (contact me for more details). The card(s) will be mailed in a protective container and shipping for customers living in the continental United States or Canada is free! Please contact me for international rates!

Iron Man Illustration

Iron Man (2011)
Original illustration with brushed india ink and Pro-Marker on 9x12 Canson yellow colored paper, with 1" border around drawing except for top which has a 1/2" border. This original illustration is priced at $30 and includes shipping within mainland United States and Canada only. Contact me for international rates.

I'm a huge comic book fan and loved Robert Downey Junior in the Iron Man movies. For this illustration, I based Tony Stark's face upon Downey's and had him holding the Iron Man helmet in front of him.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Aliens Illustration (for sale)

They Mostly Come Out at Night, Mostly (2011)

Illustrated with brush and india ink and grey marker on 9x12 bristol paper, with roughly 1" border around drawing. Price includes shipping within mainland United States and Canada only. Contact me for international rates.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Aliens. It is one of James Cameron's best films and is a rare example of a sequel being on par in quality with its predecessor. I loved the concept of the space marines and the expanded myth of the Alien creatures. It was terrific! So here I took a comic book style to illustrating an Alien and gave it a gorilla-like stance with it knuckle walking and having hunched shoulders. I think this makes it a bit more unique and a bit more of a striking illustration to have hanging on your wall!

Follow this Paypal link to pick up this original illustration ($30 Canadian):

Creature of the Black Lagoon Illustration (for sale)

Creature from the Black Lagoon (2011)
Illustrated with brush and india ink on 9x12 bristol paper, with roughly 1" border around drawing. Price includes shipping within mainland United States and Canada only. Contact me for international rates.

I fondly remember watching classic horror movies as a child. I loved them so much I had models of many of the more famous creatures including the lagoon creature. In this illustration, I was inspired of course by the classic movies, but also by the EC comic covers of the 1950's and the artistic style of John Romita sr. This illustration really pops and would look great on anyone's wall!

Follow the Paypal link to purchase this original illustration ($50 Canadian):

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Zombie self portrait

Zombie-fied self portrait created on Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Contact me for your own zombie portrait, either in Adobe Illustrator as I've done here or in a traditional hand-drawn style.