About Me!

Hi! I'm Matthew S. Stewart and I am a graphic designer who lives in Calgary Alberta, Canada. I have a MA from the University of Saskatchewan in archaeology. I have worked as an archaeologist all across British Columbia and Alberta, and parts of Saskatchewan. It is this experience and my love for pop culture that influences my art. I mainly use water colors, markers, and pencil/ink mediums, but I am always attracted to shiny new objects so I also dabble in other mediums. My subjects range from urban landscapes, scientific illustrations, superhero drawings, and portraits. But then again, don't be surprised if you see something outside of that list in my repertoire of illustrations!

I was born in a small town outside of St. Louis Missouri back in the 80's and moved to Canada in the early 90's. I moved frequently as a kid and so it has remained in adulthood. My love for drawing grew from time spent with my father who also drew, painted, and sculpted, but never professionally. This early love grew in my teens and at the end of high-school I won a prestigious fine art award. Mysteriously I never applied this award to actually going to an art school. Instead I pursued archaeology so I could make mud pies I guess; the grit is horrible for your teeth! Despite never attending a fine art school, I continued my passion for art. Over the past few years I have been commissioned to design logos and graphics for various organizations, to design illustrations for album covers, to create personalized water color paintings, and to create scientific illustrations for publication.

If you are interested in commissioning me for a painting, drawing, or whatever else you have in mind, you can contact me at m2010stewart at gmail.com or comment on one of my blog posts. Most, if not all of my pieces are also available as limited numbered and signed prints. Each print comes with a personalized original sketch card! One other thing, I offer low rates for academics and students who need scientific illustrations as I realize how little funding goes to the sciences like archaeology (yes, archaeology is a science and an art!).

I also encourage you to follow me on Twitter and comment on the blog posts you see here. On Twitter I post numerous sketches that I am currently working on and any feedback I receive helps direct the future of my subject material and mediums employed!