Saturday, July 2, 2011

Art Cards

I've been slowly building up this site to feature my art. I have experience in a number of different artistic forms and styles, each of which I am highlighting as a separate page that are located below the site's banner /name. One of the new pages I've created is for art cards, or also known as ACEO. 

I love creating art cards because they are a quick way to express a complete idea and there is no limit to the ways in which you render your idea. I tend to create art cards with water colors, brush india ink, or copic markers. The cards measure 2.5x3.5", the same size as a trading card. The card itself can be of any kind of paper stock or even canvas. I tend to use bristol or illustration board cards and less commonly water color or textured paper stock. 

Recently, I finished creating 40 art cards that depicted NHL goaltenders. Most of these were modern goalies and at least one from each team from the current 2010-11 roster was included. I also drew a few historical goalies, such as Johnny Bower and Gerry Cheevers. The decision for who I drew was decided by how interesting their mask was, and by representing all of the current NHL teams at least once. Ideally I would like to have 100 of these cards made, but these 40 are presented now to show what I can do with art cards as this project depicts water color and marker mediums, along with a few different styles of my drawing capabilities.

40 Goalie Art Cards (2011).

Contact me if you have suggestions for other goaltenders I should include in my series. Also contact me for commissioning the creation of your own art card at m2010stewart at

Prices for art card commissions: 
$10 (includes shipping*) for black and white ink or pencil
$15 (includes shipping*) for marker drawing
$20 (includes shipping*) for water color art card

Shipping 'included' price only applicable to orders within North America.

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